Monday Morning

Good Monday Morning =^)

What a weekend!  Since my last post – I’ve had quite a busy weekend.  Here’s a recap –


My friend, Kim’s, bachelorette party was Thursday night.  It was a nice small group of us – and we essentially had the bars to ourselves because of the earlier snow.  I had 3 drinks and 2 shots – which is A LOT for me.  But I didn’t get “drunk”, just “tipsy” – I’ve only been drunk twice in my life.  A lot of dancing, a lot of fun, my voice was so hoarse from singing at the top of my lungs.


Mailed off all my Christmas cards (hey better late than never, right?) and mailed off the contract & check for our wedding photographer.  I went to my WW meeting but decided to not weigh in, just wasn’t feeling it that morning.  My friends rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was that night.  My fiance was in the bridal party – so it was very surreal to do our practice walks down the isle and see my fiance there.  Made me a little vaclempt.  And just hearing my friends say vows to each other – the next 326 days will fly by…  Food wise – I had an egg white omlette for breakfast, low sodium tomato soup for lunch, then antipasto salad with f.f. Italian dressing for dinner.


The big day for Kim!  Running around like chickens with our heads cut off all day… But it was an amazing time, and beautiful wedding.  I had half of a scone for breakfast, and lunch at the reception was turkey, mashed potatoes, pasta, salad, and of course a piece of cake.  But I made up for that on the dance floor – my legs are STILL sore from all the dancing.  I think for dinner I had a muffin and then quickly passed out from exhaustion.


Still in recovery mode, I took my puppy to the dog park in the morning, then went to the grocery store, and came home to watch some of the game with the fiance.  After that, I started my holiday baking.  I completed chocolate chip cookies, chocolate walnut cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, rice crispy treats, and brownie.  5 more things to make – I’ll have to find time this week.  All I ate yesterday was a burger & fries from 5-guys and some cookie remnants.

Which brings me to today… I feel crappy after alcohol, not eating anything, then eating to much, then eating all grease and sugar.  And not enough water!!  So today is my detox.  A huge bottle of water next to me, breakfast was a banana, clementines for snacks, apple and oatmeal for lunch, and I’m unsure about dinner yet.

Back on track – I have to prepare myself for the Holidays!

Next on the wedding agenda is an officiant – what are your thoughts?



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3 responses to “Monday Morning

  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend 🙂

  2. Do you have a feed? I’d like to subscribe, so I don’t forget to check up on your for updates, being a plus size bride to be and still trying to loose weight, it would be awesome to have someone who is in the same boat’s perspective

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