New Toy :)

Look at what I bought…


YAY! Finally an elliptical! We bought it on 1/1/11 saying this is the year for change for us.  We installed it Sunday, and worked out both Sunday and Monday night on it.  My goal is to do at least a half hour on the machine 6 days a week.  So excited!

I have absolutely no excuses to not work out now! (and yes, that is a bowflex in the background, and no – I do not use it.  It’s too awkward of a movement and difficult to use. May be broken – not sure.)

Wedding update:

We signed up for a Sip & Scan registry event at Macy’s coming up soon, as well as a registry event at Crate & Barrel.  Super excited…  We were told the magic number for registries is 3 – so my question to anyone who reads this: register at Target or Kohl’s as our 3rd place?



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2 responses to “New Toy :)

  1. Pretty little elliptical machine! Yay!

  2. erintakescontrol

    I voted yesterday, but forgot to comment. I hate Kohls, so I voted for Target.

    And WooT on the elliptical! I wish my basement ceiling was taller so I could wedge one down there!

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