No wonder I can’t lose weight – I can’t spell LOSE properly!!!


Please ignore any typos in the past.  Anywhere you see “loose” is supposed to be “lose”.



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3 responses to “LOSE

  1. erintakescontrol

    You’re going to LOSE weight so your clothes are LOOSE! How bout that! 🙂

  2. Biggie Smallz,

    I like your blog! Keep writing! One of my favorite quotes about blogging- Show me a blog with no typos, I’ll show you a blog written by a machine.

    If you need any advice about blogging let me know cuz…. I get paid to blog so I guess that makes me a professional blogger, SWEET. Feels good to say that.

    I really like your quizzes, I want to answer but I can’t decide either.

    The Professional Blogger

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