About FluffyBride

I. Am. FluffyBride.


Sorry, just had to do it once 🙂


My name is Michelle, I am a bride-to-be, and I am fluffy.  Hence the name FluffyBride was born.


My mother was the one to label us fluffy.  She was convinced that we weren’t FAT, just simply fluffy.  I guess it sounded better to an overweight child / teen / adult.  Well my mother did the whole “no-carb” diet (for any Foamy fans, please insert an “ewww!! Carbs!!”) and lost a lot of weight and looks absolutely fantastic.  She can no longer be referred to as fluffy.  


But I still can.


And I am getting married this year on 11/11/11.


So I’ve decided to do something about it.  I’ve decided that my life and my health is more important than indulging in fatty unhealthy foods.  I’d rather be able to run around with my kids in the future (none yet) than enjoy that cheeseburger today.  My life does not revolve around food; it’s about the moments that make life so special. 


The plan, Step #1: Join Weight Watchers. DONE.


More information about when I joined can be found in my first post, but I have done WW in the past with much success but major life changes (college, moving, new jobs) have caused changes in my lifestyle that I wasn’t able to combat and the weight came back.  With a new attitude and clear set goals in my mind, I’m ready to WIN, errr ummm I mean LOSE!


This blog will follow me along in my travels wedding planning, freaking out about getting married, and my adventures of weight loss and living the healthy life along the way. 


Support and encouragement is very much welcomed and appreciated!


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