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Oh how I’ve neglected thee…

Only days into my blog and I’ve already neglected it.

Partially from being busy, partially from being embarrassed & personal drama.

Long story short – I gained weight, had a wonderful Christmas, then had someone I’ve loved for the past 3+ years tell me they hate me, call me horrible things, and want nothing to do with me.

So I’m at the point now where I’m numb from anger / crying / frustrations that I all I can do is smile and act normal.  There’s nothing else to do! 

Well that, and plan the wedding. 

My family and I talked on Christmas day about reserving hotel rooms, when am I sending out save the dates, wedding website and such… which somewhat perpetuated my most recent wedding frenzy (that and not wanting to think about other things going on).  I emailed my family about how to reserve a hotel room for the night, and several of them have already booked their rooms!  Some types of rooms, have all ready sold out! INSANE! We’re 10+ months away… wow, 10 months. That’s not very far away is it?  Feels different seeing the number on the screen.  But people are booking their rooms, my mom and I have been heavily talking about her dress, centerpieces, flowers, I’ve been looking a lot at cakes, grooms cakes, cake toppers, favors.  I’m going to go this weekend and pick up a few things to make a sample centerpiece.  I’ll post pictures to hopefully get feedback on.  I’ll add some ideas in additional posts soon.  But because of the aforementioned drama, I am down a bridesmaid.  So any readers out there – what are your thoughts?  Currently, we have 4 bridesmaids, and 5 groomsmen.  My options are:

  • Pick another one of my female friends as a bridesmaid to equal 5
  • Pick one of my fiance’s female friends as a bridesmaid to equal 5 (has 1 he’s kind of close to…)
  • Leave things the way they are – who needs even numbers? It would save a little $
  • Hire an ugly model to make me look good – I kid I kid… I don’t have that kind of superfluous money 😉


In regards to the weight gain – I’ve been trying to detox this week.  Many meals consisted of clementines and chopped up raw veggies with some fat free rach to dip it in.  And lots of water.  I haven’t gone to the gym this week, but have taken a few walks around the neighborhood.  I even ran the stairs a few times at work just for the heck of it.  But we’ll see – I weigh in tomorrow, since WW is closed on Saturday.  We’re going to order an elliptical this weekend too.  That should take a week or so to get in – but then I get to do cardio every day in my own basement! Woohoo!

Hope all is well with everyone – HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Here’s to 2011 being a wonderful, joyus, and healthy year for us all!


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