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Give the people what they want…

I know, you missed me. The people, they are begging for more. And by people, I mean Amanda 😉

But seriously, it’s been too long. Again. My apologies blog. I’ve been busy!

Let’s see, what has been going on?

We officially have registered!  We went to a Macy’s Sip & Scan event and started the registry.  I’m much to thorough and need to look at everything to fit a full registry into 2 hours.  But it’s been started!

I’ve created a wedding website to tell people about the details of the wedding, parking, events, attendents, etc.  Once we have our engagement photo shoot (coming up in 3 weeks), I can post pictures of that as well.  There is also a guestbook (which no one has signed – except for a joke from Bill’s coworker ::sad face::).  But check it out!

I’ve lost weight 🙂 Ever since the new year and being home with my beautiful elliptical, I lost -3.2 lbs the first week, and -0.6 last week (bloated though – so I consider this a success). I feel GREAT and have been doing the elliptical probably 4 or 5 nights a week for at least a half hour. Still a long ways to go, but finally heading a steady course in the right direction!

I made 5 dress appointments for the weekend of February 19 – 21st.  It will be my first time officially trying on wedding dresses, and my mom is coming up for the event.  Very excited!!! 🙂

Bridesmaid Update: I’ve decided to add a 5th bridesmaid to make things equal, and it will be one of my friends.  I have yet to ask her yet – as I want to do it in person (I want it to be personal).  I did have to do one “proposal” over the phone, but the distance Wisconsin to Maryland is kinda hard to overcome!

I’m going to my mom’s this weekend to make some mock centerpieces and aisle decoration ideas – so I’ll have some pictures to post when I get back.

Quiz Time!

You know me, I love me some quizzes.  So to make up for lost time, this post will have not one, but count ’em – TWO! yes TWO quizzes! hah, hah (the count from seasame street laugh).


To give you an idea of what I had in mind, I was thinking something along the lines of this for a bridesmaids dress if I were to pick them out. In that color too – espresso.  And when I say let them pick out their dress with guidelines, I’m referring to things like “it has to be floor length”, “has to be espresso from ____ designer”.  Bill prefers the idea of uniformity with the bridesmaids, I’m on the fence.


The beach theme is in honor of the 5 inches of snow coming tomorrow.  Again, my inital idea was the candy buffet, having all orange and brown candies. Each guest would get an orange “take-out” container, and could fill it with whatever they want.  With this – you’re guaranteed to get what you like, because you picked it!  But, is it too informal or young for this regal event I have invisioned?  The wine stoppers are unique and useful, but are they over done?  My mom wants me to do both, but yikes $$!  She offered to pitch in though.  Caramel Apples – come on.  What treat screams fall more than a caramel apple?  None right?  Exactly.

That’s all for now.  Have a great week everyone!



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